It's headliner time. Every winter we become extremely busy with headliners on antique, classic and specialty vehicles. We feel its a great time to update our customers on procedures and pricing. Headliners are a time and material process however on late model vehicle we can accurately quote and even once seen most antique and classic vehicles.

Things to remember are never remove your headliner, never take down the bows and never use push pins or tacks to hold falling headliners. These can easily increase the price of a job as now headliner substrates need to be repaired or replaced and with bow style headliners bending bows during removal and not properly labeling them can ad quite a bit of time. We recommend calling, emailing or visiting us before the damage becomes worse.


Q: Will you install parts I purchased?

A: Yes we install customer provided headliners all the time. We do however when possible recommend contacting of before purchase as some companies are better suited for certain vehicles. 

Q: Do you make one off headliners?

A: Yes we do, from composite substrates to cut and sewn we make them all. Just remember custom is expensive.   

Q: Do you install headliners in antique vehicles?

A: Yes we have been restoring antique and classic vehicles for over 20 years. We actually got our start with cars from the teens and twenties. 

Q: Do you warranty your work?

A: All of our products sold our to manufactures warranty however any services performed through our custom shop come with limited lifetime warranties.  

Q: Do you install headliners in Muscle Cars?

A: Yes we install all types of Muscle Car headliners, from original restorations to suede and leather custom installs. 

Muscle car headliners

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