As most of you know we try not to talk about anything other than cars, trucks and motorcycles. We have even managed to keep the craziness of 2020 away. We do feel we need to address how we will be operating for 2021. In a world of insanity  and fear we try to keep that away and focus on building cool stuff. We do not know how long many of us will have this kind of free time on or hands to hang out in the garage and build our dream vehicles. Therefore we embrace this opportunity to spend our free time working on our vehicles. Below is an outline of what to expect from Stryker for 2021. 


During 2020 we were able to keep our showroom open to the public, it was a challenge and want our customers to know that we did follow the rules provided by our state and government. For 2021 we will be continuing to keep our showroom open to all car, truck and motorcycle guys and gal's. As much as we understand the need for safety we also know the need to some times actually see products in person and talk with experienced sales and services professionals. Our showroom is open daily M-F 8-5 and Saturdays 8-12:30, if you would like private secluded meetings we gladly schedule them as well. 


In the past we have had large events and seminars at our shop. For 2021 we will still be holding training and demonstrations, however we will try to have smaller pre-scheduled events. Please email to be put on the list.


For 2021 Stryker will be devoting a considerably higher amount of time and resources to video and social network production. This will allow customers that aren't able to visit our showroom or see us at shows the opportunity to watch how two videos and tutorials online. 


Currently Stryker has not compiled a list of shows and events however will be attending and supporting shows during the 2021 year. A list of events will be released closer to spring. 

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