Since updating to our new website , we had lost a lot of content and feel its a good time to start adding some of our old articles. As we were going through our old website files we came across this beautiful T Bucket Hot Rod built by a local customer, Chris. We feel its a great project to showcase as " Going the extra mile" really pays off.This is  a great example of how taking your time and building your car correct really pays off.

As most car enthusiast know, T Bucket hot rods are frequently overlooked and under appreciated at larger and national shows. Most likely due to the fact that they are primarily home built and built to enjoy. Most people aren't professionals and just looking to have some fun in their garages and build it the way they want. Lets face it that is a lot of the appeal to building most kit cars and replicas.

Every now and then people really go the extra mile. On this particular vehicle Chris really outdid himself, And it shows. very rarely do T Buckets win as many trophies at national events and he sure did. Check out some of the photos below of this beautiful Hot Rod.  Chris utilized our custom shop for services such as paint and body. It was a pleasure to be a parts of such a cool build. 

Below you can see the middle of the designs and build process of his custom interior. He wanted something a little nicer than the normal seats we sold for the seat insert bodies. These seats and panels were specifically fitted to his body work and higher grade foams and vinyl's were used. 

T Bucket interior in progress

You can see below the completed and installed interior kit prior the body being assembled. Also you will notice we went over the top with body work and then painted with Glasurit base coat clear coat and then wet sanded and buffed for a high end look. 

T bucket hot rod body with interior

Our team had some pain staking hours body working and painting this chassis to perfection. 

T bucket hot rod chassis

Well as you can see the hard work was worth the reward, Chris has one many trophies at many events. Our hats go off to Chris and his family for putting in the effort and thank him for letting us be a part of the process. 

T bucket hot rod at world of wheels show boston mas

Red T bucket hot rod at car show

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