Even though Stryker is well known for high end great fitting motorcycle seats . BMW Cafe' racer evolution of the Stryker seatEvolution of the Stryker FLH motorcycle seat

Many people are curious how the Stryker low back bomber seat came about. Nearly 20 years ago Stryker was producing seats and interior  Kit's for aftermarket vehicle Manufactures and parts distributors. One seat in production was the " King Cobra" Seat. This seat was being sold for replicas such as Shelby Cobra's, GT 40's and Daytona Coupes.

As a fluke, Stryker was in the process of building a traditional interior for a local customers 1930 Model A 3 window, when poof, an epiphany came. One of the technicians put a " King Cobra" seat in the car to move it. As customers & employees walked by, they commented on how cool the seat looked.

The Seats looked great however when sitting in the Hot Rod it was uncomfortable . The sides were to tall and had a heavy rake that pushed the driver to far forward. So after quite a bit of field testing and R&D the seats were modified over and over and over, until the version you see today. 

This is a picture of one of the original Low Back Bucket "King Cobra" Seats.

King Cobra low back bucket bomber seat  

From the photo above you can see the drastic rake and lower bolster with higher sides. The photo shown below was the first seats named The  BAB ( Bad Ass Bomber Seat) .

BAB Low Back Bucket Bomber Seat in Red

As you can see (above) the seats had less of a rake with a higher bolster and lower sides. These worked well however SHR was in the middle of building a custom set of " Retro Bomber " Seats shown below. They were taken to a car show and had an incredible response.

Retro Red Metal Flake Low Back Bucket Bomber Seats 

With such and incredible response Stryker decided to develop the SBB ( Skinny Bitch Bomber Seat ). (Shown below) this was the closest version of what you see today.

Original SB low back bucket bomber seats

Now there has been many small production changes over the years however below is what you purchase today. They are available in many designs, colors and styles as well as can be custom made to your specifications.

MGB GT Style Horizontal pleat low back bucket bomber seats

Below are some of the custom seats built and designed over the years.

Gold Low Back Bucket Bomber Seats

Stryker even makes Low Back Bomber Bench Seats. 

Low Back Bomber bench Seat

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