Ever wonder why so many motorcycle shops, builders and dealers choose to work with Stryker Motorcycle ?

Customers love the comfort and style of Stryker direct fit motorcycle seats however many shops choose to utilize Stryker's custom seat program. For over 20 years Eddie Barrett and his team have handled all of the custom seats for Stryker Motorcycle. Some of the services that make this program so successful are:

1) A truly customized seat specific to your style and riding comfort.

3) The ability to modify seats for tall riders, short riders and everything in between.

4) The ability to take a factory seat and make comfortable with out changing the factory look. 

5)  A team that listens to you and addresses your every need. 

6) The ability to digitally design your seat before its built.

7) Having over 20 years of knowledge of comfort and motorcycle seat design. 

8) Working with a team that designs motorcycle seats and comfort options for large manufactures. 

9) Working with a shop that works on all makes and models of motorcycles ensures a versatile knowledge of seats and comfort. 

Stryker customers care more about their comfort and style, therefore Stryker cares more about your comfort and style. 

Custom motorcycle seat American Iron Magazine

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